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Anonymous said: why do you reblog so much pro ahmadi stuff? you arent are you?


I actually am one but that’s besides the fact.
I am not Palestinian but I stand with the people of Gaza.
I am not Burmese but I stand for the oppressed in Burma.
I am not Syrian but I am still appalled by the injustices that are happening in Syria.
Simply being an Ahmadi or for that matter, belonging to any group, should not be the reason you stand against the oppression of that group.
I stand against any and all injustice there is in the world.
I can’t even fathom the ignorance you must possess.
Please show your bigoted self to my unfollow button.


They don’t even stop killing Ahmadis in Ramadan with Eid around the corner. They’re going to have to answer to their Creator for this one day and they’re going to have no answer for why they burned down houses of innocent people including women and children and cheered as they died. 

Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji’un. 

"You never lose.
You either win or learn."

"ماں کی دعاء جنت کی ہوا
A mother’s du’a is the breeze of paradise."

"A person who has not been completely alienated, who has remained sensitive and able to feel, who has not lost the sense of dignity, who is not yet ‘for sale,’ who can still suffer over the suffering of others, who has not acquired fully the having mode of existence - briefly, a person who has remained a person and not become a thing - cannot help feeling lonely, powerless, isolated in present-day society. He cannot help doubting himself and his own convictions, if not his sanity. He cannot help suffering, even though he can experience moments of joy and clarity that are absent in the life of his “normal” contemporaries. Not rarely will he suffer from neurosis that results from the situation of a sane man living in an insane society, rather than that of the more conventional neurosis of a sick man trying to adapt himself to a sick society. In the process of going further in his analysis, i.e. of growing to greater independence and productivity,his neurotic symptoms will cure themselves."

"I’m thankful that God hasn’t let me go, because I’ve let Him go, lots of times. He rescued me and continues to amaze me with things that are beyond what I deserve for myself."